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    Counting (some) words in Excel

    Hi, I am trying to create a formula to count worded cells, but to exclude certain words. the basic chart is: Column Q 12/10/17 1) yes 2) always 3) DNA 4) Yes all the time 5) Occasionally 6) Only on a Wednesday 7) Absent 8) All the time 9) Each 3rd Month 10) Never So I want to find I...
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    Find positions in a main sequence not covered by internal sequence

    Dear Mr Excel, I have a dna sequence, one word of 10 letters (aattggccaa) Furthermore I have two columns; the start and end position of a number of internal sequences within the main sequence shown above. Ex 2 5 means the sequence from 2 to 5 (attg) 6 6 means the 6th position (g) I need...
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    count number of specific letters in a word

    Hi mrExcel, I need a way to calculate the numbers of specific letters in a word, in my case a dna sequence. An example: The word is aaggccttt. I need to get the numbers of a, g, c and t in separate cells. In this case 2,2,2 and 3. Thanks for your answer, Erik

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