does not contain

  1. D

    VBA AutoFilter: multiple criteria; array; does not contain

    Hi Folks, Firstly: all this is for a dynamic table called StockListTable. I have a Column (Header = Owner) containing numbers representing customer numbers (1 to 150 plus 998 and 999). I wish to filter out the following customer numbers---0, 27, 72, 84, 100, 998 and 999---thus leaving all...
  2. J

    IF Formula - Contains X and Y, also Does Not Contain U,V,W

    Hello! I'm trying to write two different formulas that show the following: Typing in Cell B1...If Cell A1 contains "Apple" AND "Orange", but also DOES NOT contain "Banana" OR "Grape" OR "Pear", then return the value in cell D1, otherwise, return a blank. Typing in Cell C1...If Cell A1...
  3. S

    Sumifs with multiple criteria does not contain

    Hi Everyone, I have a following data set <tbody> Date Dealer Type State Name Sale Value 01-05-2017 Registered Tamil Nadu 3,483.00 01-05-2017 Un-Registered Uttar Pradesh 2,591.00 01-05-2017 Un-Registered Maharastra 3,530.00 01-05-2017 Un-Registered JAMMU AND KASHMIR...
  4. E

    Conditionally Format for cells that do not contain....

    I'm looking to Conditionally Format a cell using a formula for another cell if it does not contain certain letters. Example: I need to conditionally format Cell B1 to be a certain color if Cell A1 does not contain "T","TC","M","MC","B", or "BC". So when I type in anything other than those...
  5. S

    highlight values from a range that do no contain values from another range

    hi all, title may be unclear but what i am looking for is quite straightforward, i believe. I cannot get my head around it, maybe cause it's friday afternoon and my brain has already switched the weekend mode on :) Is it possible to do some conditional formatting that would highlight the cells...
  6. L

    Text Filter with Multiple Does Not Contain Criteria

    Hello all, I'm in a bit of a bind. I need to execute a filter on a column that has fifteen criteria. For example, does not contain "*sandwich" OR does not contain "*pants" OR does not contain "*tortillas" etc etc etc...... They are all "does not contain" and "OR" operations and they all...
  7. D

    Macro that uses "does not contain" to autofilter OUT a cells value

    Hi All Iv'e searched extensively and can't seem to find how to do this. I know how to filter based on cell value, and how to auto filter "does not contain", but is it possible to combine these? i.e. Filter OUT the value of a cell from a range? Appreciate your help in advance.
  8. R

    Conditional Formatting cells that do not contain letters

    Hi, I am trying to highlight all of the cells in a column that do not contain letters, or only contain numbers. The yellow and red cells follow separate rules, but the entries below the yellow ones are the values that I am looking to identify with whatever method available. Thanks, Raul Here...
  9. melewie

    Not Like????

    Hi all,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I am trying to create and loop that will identify if a cell does not contain "MX". I have created several before to find if a cell does contain certain characters<o:p></o:p> Cells(RowNo...
  10. D

    check if worksheet column M does not contain "CNF" then MsgBox

    my question: within macro code, i want to check if my worksheet "Cost of Work - operations" in column M "System Status" does not contain "CNF", then MsgBox "System Status must contain CNF", else continue executing code. -end statement

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