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  1. R

    downloading completed?

    My programme causes a specific site to download a csv workbook. (It does this by sending keystrokes, and strings). It works perfectly well, but I then want to analyse the sheets. Now I cannot do this until I know the download has completed; but it will not complete while excel is running. So...
  2. M

    Downloading a data from a web page and pasting it on an excel Sheet

    <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> <tbody> I am brand new to the world of macros and visual basic, so bear with me . I want to create a macro that will automatically pull data from the web by simply pressing a macro button. I assume that this would be an easy task if the data is from a website...
  3. P

    Download files from URL

    <article>Hello All, I have a list of URLs that each one opens a webpage were an undetermined number of files (.pdf) are stored, I cannot anticipate the names of the files. I need a macro to go through each of those pages and automatically download all the files present there, save them in a...
  4. savindrasingh

    File downloader VBA to VBS

    Hello Experts, I have below code to download some files from given URLs using VBA. Is there a way using which I can use this function in VB Script? Currently it is not allowing me to use these functions as is: Private Declare Function URLDownloadToFileA Lib "urlmon" (ByVal pCaller As Long, _...
  5. E

    Internet explorer download automation

    Hello, Im trying to download this example file, everything in the code works, except that I can't find out how to press the save or save as button when the dialog box in InternetExplorer appears. I've tried displayalerts, sendkeys and I had no success. Its really frustrating. Thanks for the...
  6. M

    Download file from Excel

    hi, I would like seek some help on how to download html / pdf files using excel. It could be formula or a macro. Response is highly appreciated.

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