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    Excel Lotto Numbers Last Seen sheet, Help Please!

    Hi, I'm looking to create an Excel sheet that can analyse previous lottery (5/47) draws . I want to make columns that can identify how many draws since numbers were last seen, average skips and when they are due again. Any help with a formula would be very gratefully appreciated. Thanks Rob
  2. D

    Bingo Simulator

    Hi all! This is more of a math question, but I thought I might be able to get the answer here. I would like to create a Bingo Simulator that will allow me to predict the approximate number of draws it will take to get BINGO. Bingo is typically played on a 5x5 grid, with 75 possible draws (B1...
  3. C

    Need Formula For Maximum Skips

    https://app.box.com/s/f3iwju014t1h01kphthqslln68zo1scq The top box tracks the number of times a value has followed another value.The values in the lower box are the skips. Skips are the number of draws since it was last hit. I would like to add another box to track the maximum skip in all draws.
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    Count Formulas

    001= 0 hits in 8 draws 002= 1 hit in 8 draws 003= 2 or more hits in 8 draws The HTML maker would not work. Hope this works. The values in columns A<B<C<D<E are in column F ranging from 1to 42 Using the criteria above I need count formulas for columns G<H<I<J<K to return those values. All...
  5. L

    How do I make this lottery checker on excel?

    How do I program the excel to show me how many points it did on each line of numbers from this big group of lines. I copied all the previous 1837 draws from this lottery and its already on my excel spreadsheet. Its a 20 ball number draw from 01-100. Each of the previous 1837 draws is a line of...
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    Need an formula to track the number of draws a value follows another value.

    R1 R F R 2 4 F 1 0 The formula for above format. =IFERROR(MATCH(1,(SKIPSUMS!$AG$21:$AG$6631=$A17)*(SKIPSUMS!$AG$22:$AG$6630=B16),0)-1,"") I would like the formula to be in this format. <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px...
  7. M

    EUROMILLIONS Prize Checker - Last Draw Vs Past Draws

    Hi all Since last 190 millions last draw of EuroMillions, I've been wondering about statistics and decided to play a little with it, although my lack of knowledge. I've downloaded the list of all draws and extracted it to Excel to check for some indicators in order to improve my luck. Here's...
  8. D

    Cash bill denominations in a cash bag

    I am having trouble figuring what function (calculation) to use. First, an overview of why I need this. I run fun promotions in schools. When a child sells widgets in a fundraiser, I let them draw cash out of a cash bag as a reward. Here are the exact instructions to the students... For...

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