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    Excel data validation drill-down entries

    Hi! Trying to have users add new data to Excel by drill-down list, so using the Data Validation function for the first time. Sorry for a boatload of questions and while I have been getting some answers Googling around, they have mostly been from years ago, so perhaps Excel 2016 has some new...
  2. S

    Use TEXT to extract the TRUE SUMIFS range from a multiple SUMIFS cell

    I have the following formula. =IF(N$2>ActualsEndDate, IF(ReturnsBasis="Cashflow",SUMIFS(Units!YL$10:YL$320,Units!YL$10:YL$320,">"&0,Units!$C$10:$C$320,$C78), IF(ReturnsBasis="Income",SUMIFS(Units!DBN$10:DBN$320,Units!DBN$10:DBN$320,">"&0,Units!$C$10:$C$320,$C78),0))...
  3. K

    If I click Lookup button then it has to show relevant fields

    Hi friends, In my excel two sheets are there one is employee list having EMPCODE, Name, DEPT Code. In my second sheet we are showing Department name, no.of employees columns. We are displayed no.of employees count from first sheet. For ex. SALES department having 30 employees. Now i want to put...
  4. K

    Drill Down Pivot Table Data From Button

    I am looking to add a button to a worksheet which, on clicking, will display the data details from a referenced pivot table. I know that you can display this data when double clicking on the desired total in the pivot table itself, but I have to face reality and deal with many computer...
  5. C

    Publishing Excel sheets with drill-down interactivity

    I have a spreadsheet that uses row groups (only 2 levels) to drill down to detail information. I wish to publish the sheet to HTML so that users can click the +/- buttons to drill down to the info within the web page. When I publish the sheet to HTML, the groups do not carry through to the...

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