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    Drillthrough Not Applying Filters Used In CALCULATE Expression?

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->Hi guys -<o:p></o:p> In testing a Tabular(2012 SP1) model I've been working on, I'm noticing that when invoking thedrillthrough action in Excel (2010), it does not appear to be functioningas I expect when the Calculated Measure includes a CALCULATE expression with...
  2. R

    Click on a chart bar to drill into source data

    Hi Does anyone know if it's possible to have a chart so that when any of the series(Bars) are clicked, it will drill into the source data. Not a pivot chart, but similiar to the Pivot table where it opens a new sheet and displays the data. Thanks Ronan
  3. J

    drilling down in pivot tables

    Hello all... I am using the drill down option in pivot tables whereby you can double click on a value in the table and it opens up a separate sheet with the information used to calculate the value. Only problem is that in the sheet that comes up, you loose all the formatting of the original...
  4. A

    Pivot Table Drillthrough

    I have a pivot table based on data that has about 10 columns. I was just wondering if it's possible that when I drill through the table, I will only see some of those columns. Basically, can I control the drillthrough or will I always see all the columns of the data source? Hope this makes...

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