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    Looking up Categories on a different tab and summing the totals

    Hi, I am tring to get Category totals looking up what category a meal is in from another tab and summing the totals on this page. <tbody> Category Total $$ App Salad Entre Drink </tbody> The table below is on a different tab <tbody> Dish Category Salsa & Chips App Bean Dip...
  2. P

    textbox cannot enter letters and numbers

    Hi hope youcan help me please, I have attached the file below which I am stuck on, I havea user form ‘enter expenses’ but when I try to enter number/letter combinationin the boxes for Airfare, accommodation, ground transport and food and drink,the box goes red when I click on update and it...
  3. B

    Using text as data

    Okay so I need some help here. <tbody> Apple 10 Orange 5 Drink 7 Banana 13 Chicken 3 Oil 4 </tbody> I want to be able to either: 1. Convert certain words into numbers. E.g "apple", "orange" and "banana" into a 1. "Chicken" into 2, "Oil" into 3, and "Drink" into 4. So it will...
  4. R

    Remove and replace parts of text string in cell

    Long story short, my large playlist in my music data base got messed up during a sync. I have a good m3u file but I need to change the path of each file to match the database locations. So I would love to use a formula or vb to do the following: Remove the first 3 characters after the third ""...
  5. A

    Measure calculation for Individual items in Colums

    Hello everyone, I am trying to build a P&L that I can slice and dice as required. I get data for multiple sites and need to ability to into with a few clicks. I have the data in the below format: <tbody> Site Name Category Period 1 Period 2 Period 2 Period 3 Delta Drink Sales 5 10 15 20...

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