1. M

    User form Date Field Mask or Template

    Hi, I would like a user form date input field where "dummy" characters appear in the field when field is selected i.e. dd/mm/yyyy. These characters should be greyed out. When the user starts input to the field, input would overwrite the "dummy", in black. My attempts up to now have resulted in...
  2. S

    Dummy question - how to hide data?

    Hello all! Apologies in advance for the dummy question. This is myfirst dip into Excel since school and despite scouring the internet for theformula I need, I can’t make Excel do what I want. So, I have a table that when I insert a date in column C Iwant it to show the date + either 30 or...
  3. N

    a little odd: Need to convert TODAY() date to two digits 0000 and use 2 letters + 6 random number formula

    Hello, I'm breaking my head here, I understand a little =Tex which changes my TODAY() cell in another cell to 0406. Now I would like to add initials at the front like CS0406 followed by 6 random numbers. CS0406123456- It's killing me, can someone help? It doesn't have to pull the date from the...
  4. M

    Excel Macro Question

    Hello everybody, I did some digging around the forum and couldn't find anything pertaining to my question. I have a macro that performs a huge of amount of maintenance on a particular file. However, because nothing is easy, the one of the worksheets will be missing a certain column under...
  5. M


    Hello All! I can't remember how to utilize percentages in Excel. For example, I have 10 dummy clients, 2 dummy clients have viral load results equal to or less than 20.... I know basic math would be 2/10 * 100 = 20 (20%) So I Excel, I entered this in a cell: =2/10*100 And I got 20...
  6. D

    Search multiple values, index next column (create a dummy for serch and paste loop)

    Hello, I am trying to index values defined by a search from values in a third column. Tried with vlookup, but it did not work, dont know why. So now am trying with macros. Here where I got without the loop: Sub bb() ' ' bb Macro ' ' Selection.Copy 'THIS IS THE SEARCH VALUE, STARTING AT C1'...
  7. L

    help interpreting regression results with dummy variables

    So I ran a regression on different "type" scenarios and got the following. I see that the R-Square is not a great fit (<95%) but I was hoping I might be able to use this regression to figure out some relationships and make some determinations about which "Type" would yield the best results. In...

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