duplicates in cell

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    Highlight Duplicate records using VBA Macro

    Hi Experts, I am trying to highlight the duplicate values which is present in the column F which has the string values. I am new to VBA scripting, I am trying to use below code but it is not working. Can i also know how to select all the values in column F even though if there are some NULL...
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    Sort duplicates in column D then delete duplicates in column Y

    I need a formula or macro that can sort a large data file. I want to be able to sort the data by Column D to group the duplicates (most have 6-8 duplicates for the same number in Column D). I then want to delete any duplicates within this group in Column y. For example so it all makes more...
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    Identitying duplicates and Delete Lines

    I have a very large document with duplicate information. I have a column of Invoice numbers with matches, a column of material numbers with matches, a column of dollar amounts with matches. The variable is that I have a column with Days On that has a variation in it. I need to match the first...
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    Remove all duplicates from the Excel sheet

    Hi there, I have little idea about Excel. Just i want to know how to remove all duplicates found in the excel. I have huge data in the sheet. I just want to remove all duplicates. For now am following the below steps: 1. Select all items 2. Conditional Formatting -> Highlight cell rules ->...
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    Counting unique values

    Hi, I would really appreciate if you could help me. I am trying to count the unique values in a column based on possible duplicate entries in another column. I apologize for not being able to attach a file/picture of the data but it look like this. A1 = "Customer" A2:A9 has values...
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    Select all duplicates as Range

    Im am new to excel programming, any help will be much appreciated In column A i have heading "ID_number". Starting from A2 down to A10000 i have a ten digit number, and some(total duplicates my vary) of them are duplicated. * The current and active sheet is "sheet1" e.g. Column A 6406982836...
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    Remove Duplicates From Single Cell

    I have a column that has duplicate information in it. An exapmle of one of the cells is: BL, BL, BN, BOL, BOL, CP, CP, DRE, EG, EG, LM, LM, R, RE, RE, SP, SP, W, W I want a function OR vba macro to go thru the column and delete the duplicates in each cell. So this one will be: BL, BN, BOL...

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