dynamic cell contents

  1. B

    Replacing cell value with a range of cell values

    I have data on Sheet1 in column A which is inputted dynamically via a userform. The data exists in column A like: Column A AB1234 BC1256 GF4567 I want to copy this data to sheet2 which has another set of data inputted dynamically via a second userform. I want to copy the data, to...
  2. S

    Dynamic Counting with "Text"

    Hi there, I have a searched through the forums, and may be searching via the wrong words, but am having challenges putting together probably a relatively simple formula. I need Excel to automatically update a numbered column when a cell may be deleted or changed to alternative text, for...
  3. D

    Dynamic Timeline Table

    Hi folks, Here is the deal... This table below is supposed to populate the cells with its corresponding number of weeks vs. the duration starting from the week point. The problem is that the logic of the formula stops working when a new year calendar takes place. This gives you an idea on how...
  4. O

    Drop-down list that generates groups after a selection is made

    Hello, Is it possible to have a drop down list that if, for example, you select option A it generates a group of X lines beneath it but if you then change to option B it modifies the grouped lines to more or less, depending on what you need, and if you remove the option (or choose the empty...
  5. L

    Copy cells from a worksheet that is created new everyday

    1) We have a program that creates a "New Worksheet" (csv) for me everyday with unique information. The name of the "New Worksheet" is always exactly the same. 2) I copy the "New Worksheet" information to my "Existing Worksheet". 3) The problem is that in my "Existing Worksheet" the links...
  6. M

    User input controlled data

    Hi, I am not sure if this is possible but I think if it is I might have to use VBA! Due to my lack of knowledge this will be a learning curve :eeek: This is what I am hoping is possible. When you enter a number into cell A1 it automatically fills out data below depending on the value. For...
  7. L

    Extact Top 20 rows DYNAMIC

    Hi all, I have been looking for a nice way to extract the top 20 rows based on the value in one column. The data table is approx 20 columns by 6000 rows, I use VBA to sort and apply filters in various ways, but I would like a way of keeping a small table at the top that keeps the top ten of...
  8. C

    Excel Table with Formulae in Header Cells?

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question but I'm a bit of a Noob when it comes to Excel Pivot tables etc, so please bear with me! I am trying to create a pivot table based on the data from 3 sets of data. To do this, I am first of all trying to create tables around my data...
  9. J

    Bringing in different groups of numbers dependant on the value in another cell..

    Hi, I am trying to tell a spreadsheet to bring in a different group of values dependant on what is written in another cell. Essentially, I am trying to tell the spreadsheet to do the following: if A1="hellohello", bring in one group of numbers, if A1="goodbyegoodbye" bring in another group of...
  10. T

    Concatenate column dynamic cell contents

    Hi, Is there a formula I can use to concatenate a column with an unknown count of how many rows contain data. examples Heading1 bob jane rick = bob jane rick Heading1 bob =bob Thanks
  11. G

    Dynamically display the contents of a range of cells into a text box as the focus moves from one cell to another

    I am trying to display the contents of a range of cells into a floating text box dynamically as and when the focus moves from one cell to another. I have designed a dashboard, where the height and width of the range of cells are fixed. The problem arise when the cell content grows in size as...
  12. G

    Dynamic Cell Values Comparison Offset

    :) Good afternoon, What i'm trying to do is to have a dynamic comparison between cell values. Here is the case: In Column A you can see the serial, Column C states the ammount of times that serial is in the column and only displays this number the first time it appears in the column...
  13. D

    Generate value from Range A excluding Values in Range B

    Hello, Looking for a formula that will display a non-duplicate value from a range of values excluding values in another range. Publications is a static, alphabetically sorted range in Workbook1. (Actual list is 40 rows.) A 1 Publications 2 AAA Westways 3 Business Week 4...
  14. K

    Dynamic sorted "view" over another sheet

    Hi Guys, I have position sheet with several hundred positions and different metrics per position. Each position has its own row. To get a better overview over things I need to sort the rows based on different columns and I would prefer to do that in a separate sheet, so I retain the structure...
  15. P

    "Dynamic?" Named Ranges

    Hi, I am trying to automate the process of naming each cell in a table of values by a distinct name in another table. Is this possible to do this using a macro instead of manually typing in about a hundred name. For eg. i want cell B1 to have the name "jack", cell B2 to have the name "john"...
  16. M

    Volatile data (dynamic or refreshed) Capture and Locked

    I am importing stock data and ticker symbol from a page that gets refreshed often. What is the most effective way to automatically keep the data that was derived from the data download and stop it from refreshing from the cell addresses that it came from? Thanks, Michael
  17. M

    Updating Multiple fields with Column name ONLY

    Hi there... thanks for the opportunity to post this question -- I have a spreadsheet that gets updated monthly ...and it's quite the manual process... Once all the data is entered the formulas need to be updated with column only ... I am trying to find a faster way to make that happen. I have...
  18. W

    Dynamically return unique combinations in ranges to a list

    I have worksheet 1 which contains three columns (shown below with some sample inputs) Wireframe. Test Type. Sub TestType 01.01 BVR Generic Validation 01.01 BVR Generic Validation 01.01 BVR Generic Validation 01.01 BVR...
  19. J

    Macro Help - copy, replace, paste, next

    I'm trying to save time and generate a script to prepare OFFSET and INDEX formulas and apply with defined Names. My MAIN worksheet has 55 zip codes with references to their columns in Z-DATA worksheet. One column is the monthly median price history; the other is the monthly momentum (EMA) based...

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