dynamic file name

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    Dynamic File Reference in VBA not working

    Hi all, Can't work out why the file reference below (myFile = "C:\Users\WP\Documents\" & Range("A1").Value & ".txt") results in Excel constantly freezing. The file exists and the myFile string is correct... Any ideas? Function BarStringInfo() As String Dim myFile As String Dim text As...
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    VBA Code - VLOOKUP Formula with Dynamic Filename

    I hope my favorite community can help me with a VBA problem that has been stumping me. I have a VBA macro where I want to insert a VLOOKUP formula into a cell. Sounds easy right? However, the workbook I am going to perform the lookup on is different that the one where the macro resides and I...
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    Dynamic file name and loop question

    Hey guys, I'm trying to use the following code to open a file path name that changes based on month and year, and loops until it has completed the process for 12 months. One row per a month. Right now, the following code doesn't loop, and I receive a "Compile error: Variable not defined"...
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    #Struggling Variable file name & Loop

    Hey, I'm trying to edit the following VBA code so that the file I open becomes variable: Sub ReinvestmentIncome_Check() Dim wb As Workbook Dim Lmonth As Date Dim Smonth As Date Dim Yr As Date Dim Syr As Date Lmonth = ActiveSheet.Range(A2).Value Smonth = ActiveSheet.Range(B2).Value Yr =...
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    Search dynamic File Name and pull data from multiple sheets, same cell, into one master sheet

    Search dynamic File Name and pull data from multiple sheets, same cell, into one master sheet I have a user group of approx 100 people that is required to fill out time sheets weekly. The have to submit their timesheets in with a specific naming nominclature in a network folder. I want to...
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    combo box reference external dynamic range

    Hi, I have a 3 column list 'master.xls'. In another WB I have a "report" worksheet that I want to reference the master wb. So, a user will want to select from a list an option found in the master. Then, dependant on what is slected from the first list will be given a choice from a second...

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