dynamic selection

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    Selecting specific range in VBA

    I'm trying to select a range of cells based on the condition in a preceeding column. For example if [L12] = 1 then select cells [N12:Q12]. This initial part I have no problem with but looping through a range of L cells raises I'm having trouble with. This is my current code Dim k as integer...
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    Error in Copying Dynamic Ranges with Static Number of Rows

    Hi all, I am using VBA to copy the first 10 rows (including Headers) of data in every sheet of a workbook to a "master", or summary, sheet. The number of columns changes from sheet to sheet, and the total number of sheets will change as well (over time). After I copy each selection, I want to...
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    Cross reference in dropping list

    Hello Everyone! First of all, let me say that I am not the kind of person who doesn't look for a solution before asking for help. If the solution to my problem is already out there then it's well hidden ! I have a document with several spreadsheets. The first one is my working document...
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    Issue when trying to select a line of a ListBox control via VBA code

    Hello, My problem is I cannot select dynamically a line of a ListBox control with VBA code. To be precise, I have a form called myForm, which contains a ListBox control called myListBox. This ListBox has multiple columns and only one line can be selected at a time. If I click in myListBox...
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    Variable Column Selections Macro

    Hello all I'm trying to write a Macro for the following: I have a list of suppliers in column A and each month a score is generated for that supplier and the data put in columns, i.e. B has january score, C has february score etc. I want the macro to arrange the suppliers in order of the...

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