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    Opening a KML file into an Excel Data Map

    I am able to open a KML file in Google Earth and Google Earth will provide me a map of boundaries for geographical entities, like counties. Is there a way I can open a KML file in an Excel Map?
  2. K

    Show error message when word in text string isn't in approved list.

    Hello, i would like a code that will show when a user enters a string of text and there isn't a word in that string that doesn't meet the approved list. Approved list: 'World' 'Planet' 'Globe' 'Earth' If someone enters in a cell "Hello World' or 'What is Earth' nothing will show, but if...
  3. D

    Return valuse that contain a string or two strings

    Hi I have a list of book titles in A1:100. In cell C1 the user enters a string of one word (and, if possible, two words separated by a space*) In cells D1 to D5 I need formulas to return the full book titles that contain the word or words the user has entered. *e.g. if "Journey to the...
  4. V

    Find a column by name in row 1 and replace blank cells with the text "Blanks2"...

    Hi, I'd like a macro to find the column named "Earth" in row 1 and replace ALL and ONLY blank cells with the text "Blanks2"... BUT... It should first look at the "Galaxy" column (also in row 1) to find the last row with data in it. Once it knows the last row of data in the "Galaxy" column...

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