1. S


    How to open a xla file easily?
  2. G

    Calculating inconsistent data/formulas?

    Since i'm new to excel I'm not that sure if there is any type of formula(s) that would be able to easily calculate costs basis the below parameters. Calculating the "units" isnt the hard part for me, i've got that done already. It's finding a formula to calculate the costs once I have the...
  3. K

    conditional formatting with time format

    hi all, if i want to enter a time with format([$-en-US,1]hh:mm) in A1, how can i easily track in column B, if time is larger than A1, bold/color the cell automatically? thanks
  4. J

    Convert To Numbers from Text

    Hello Message Board: I am trying to convert a small data set from text to number ( AMOUNT Column) . I have tried several methods including text to columns , Fomulas like =VALUE(TRIM(a3)), Trim, etc and I cannot get rid of the trailing spaces to the right. I need a formula solution for this. I...
  5. L

    How do I insert date calendars

    Hello, I am putting together an Invoice template for myself and I would like to add a drop down box with a calendar so that I can add dates easily. How do I do this? I have excel 2019. I tried looking it up but the things i found were for older versions of excel. Thank you very much for your help
  6. Leicester City Fox

    Help with Downloading and finding images that work in Power Bi

    Reference :Help in Easily Downloading new images into Power Bi for chartinfo graphs or find images that can be easily downloading to use in Power Bi Hi there I a new to Power Bi ... so be gentle with me :) I have download images in my picture but when I downloadthem into power bi when I...
  7. G

    Conditional formulas

    Hello I am trying to set up a staff spreadsheet so I can track when the qualifications are due. I already have a spreadsheet with the dates the staff did the training an would like it to change colour so I can easily see when they are due this year. Could someone help with this please?
  8. E

    How can I easily blend text and formulas with FormulaR1C1?

    Hello How can I easily blend text and formulas with FormulaR1C1? Ideally I don't want to have to double quote everything or escape numerous characters etc. Is there a neat way? Thanks
  9. B

    combine SUMIF with SMALL

    ​Hi, i would like to combine SUMIF with SMALL but has some problems doing so: I have a table where Week/Year is stored and now i need to create a Top 10 of the worst results for each week. I can easily do it with the whole data set by using =SMALL(Tabel1[Percentage];Oversigt_!A3), but i can...
  10. C

    pivot table row and column endings in vba

    Need to find row and column pivottable ends in VBA. Is this easily retrivable in VBA?
  11. V

    Learn PowerBI

    Hi All, very very new to power Bi. Can you guys help me from where I can learn easily power bi..
  12. F

    Help needed!

    Hi All, I have a report which shows clock in and out times for staff members. This literally shows every time they clock in/out during the day, but what I want to do is easily find just the first and last clock in/out. The below link shows an example of the data...
  13. S

    Master Sheet and sub sheets

    Hi guys, I'm attempting to build a master sheet that contains employee information. I want only the master sheet to be editable. I have roughly 500 employees listed, along with 10 other relevant columns. I want to break down the next sub sheets into office positions. I have 8 different...
  14. J

    VBA code to set/reset focus to workbook

    Hello, I have VBA Userform that allows a user to enter a whole bunch of information, maps that information to a spreadsheet and then I get to dig through the collective data. Awesome. Whatever. My problem is that this Userform doesn't "play well" with other workbooks being open...
  15. tobyz95

    copy code for all worksheets

    Hello ALL, I have a workbook with 15 sheets. I have copied the sheets from the old to the new workbook, but the codes on each sheet did not go with the copy. How can I easily copy all sheets with their codes to the new workbook? Thanks for any help
  16. M

    extract website data with vba

    Hi everyone, The following relates to the website https://rid.tcdc.govt.nz/ In the past I have had help from this forum in getting data from here using vba. Unfortunately this site has been rewritten and now I am stumped again. For example, if I wanted to know the Capital Value of the...
  17. U

    Is there a function in Excel to find the first cell with a different value than the previous one

    Here's a demonstration of what I want to achieve, but in a much larger scale: https://imgur.com/a/8FZvA So in the A column there's numbers which can be anything really and I need to list them in C column. I can easily do it manually on an example that small, but I have a sheet with ~30 different...

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