email attachment loop

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    How to attach PDF file in excel thru VBA code

    Hi all, Just wondering how you can attach PDF file in email and send to the desire person via VBA ? I want to automate the remittance advice process. Much appreciated if anyone can help me with the issue. AZ
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    Emailing different attachments to different email addresses

    I am working on a spreadsheet that will send emails and their attachments to any vendor that has a "yes" in row H. The file path/name of the attachment is stored in row G. I can get it to work if I just do one at a time, but once I try to use a loop to generate all emails and attachments at...
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    Send Every Sheet in Workbook as Attachment to different Recipient

    Hello, I'm trying to build a code that sends each sheet in another workbook as an attachment via outlook. Each sheet to a different set of emails. Although I don't get any error message, the emails aren't sent. With my few vba knowledge I tried to work pieces of code I found. So I guess that...
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    Need Help with VBA for Creating Emails

    I am trying to create a macro that will loop through a named range that contains email addresses to create an email with hard coded subject and opening line of the body. I then need to insert a range of cells based on a named range into the body and then send the email. I have been able to get...
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    Macro to cycles through drop-down selection and send email with attachment

    Hello I have created a dashboard report that draws in various sources of information. This is tailored depending on the value selected in a dropdown (ie the lookups selection the appropriate information for that value). There are around 120 different options in the dropdown so in effect I...
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    Email Multiple Attachments

    Looking for a solution to email multiple files to multiple user based on a list of the following: Column 1 Filename / Column 2 Manager / Column 3 Email Address I want 1 email per manager. Set email for manager and attach applicable file. Help!
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    Group Email and File Distribution

    I am trying to write a macro which will copy a range of cells into an Outlook email and add an attachment which will be sent to a group of people on a distribution list, also included in the workbook. The code I am using is: Sub Cash_Email() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object...
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    Attaching Multiple Files to Email Document

    Using VBA and Excel, I am trying to attach multiple documents to an email. The user will input the file search criteria, and any documents matching that file search criteria will be added as attachments. Currently, my macro perform a file search and open a new email in Outlook, but I'm not...

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