email macro

  1. R

    cell references in body of email macro

    Hi, i'm pretty new to coding, so would appreciate any help - i've included the code for an email macro i've kinda put together. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to make this more efficient or better code. My issue I want to add a line in the body of this email. This line would be...
  2. A

    sending email based off of email in a cell

    Is there any way to put a email into a cell on a workbook and then use a macro to send a email using that cell. Here is what I am sending a email with now: and it works Private Const ¦¦DefaultMessageSender¦¦ = "name " Private Const ¦¦DefaultMessageSenderEmail¦¦ = "" Private Const...
  3. E

    Send Email Macro won't Send

    I'm having trouble getting my code to automatically send the email. For as much research as I've done, no one else seems to have this issue... My code is below, all it does is open the email window with the to & subject filled out, but I want it to send without the user needing to do anything...
  4. 1

    Email Generation Using Macro - Body Issues

    Trying to add a macro to generate an approval email with certain data from the spreadsheet within the body of the email. I have the following in place currently to deploy the email: Sub Sendemail() Dim Email_Subject, Email_Send_To, _ Email_Cc, Email_Body As String Dim Mail_Object, Mail_Single...
  5. A

    Email Macro o send Outlook Email

    Hi , I have completed writing the macro to send an email from excel to mail address.However these are my challenges 1.I want the mail to be reviewed before it is sent but it goes out automatically. 2.Also multiple windows open when the macro is run I have searched the forum there is none...
  6. N

    Attach Each Open Workbook to Separate Email

    hey all Want to attach each open workbook to a new email...with mac, pretty sure you cannot customize to, subject, email body, etc...but having it open a new email with the attached Workbook is a step worth automating. Every time I attempt to loop through many open Workbooks, it repeats the...
  7. F

    Macro creates email, but wont send out

    Good morning , <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I have a macro that will attach the workbook, include email address, subject line and body into an email through outlook. I would like for the email to send out on creation...
  8. Guacamoley

    macro looping and email results

    I have been trying to put together a database that shows manditory training course expiry dates for different people and get an email to be automatically sent to them when the are nearly out of compliance. Below is what I have come to so far. It starts by going through collum 'D' until blank...
  9. G

    Macro to Send e-Mail with PDF Attachments

    Hello I have a spreadsheet with email address written in coloum B, and the names in colooum A. There are PDF attachments for all names mentioned in Coloum A, in a single folder. I am looking for a macro which can send an email to all recipients mentioned in coloum B, and attach the...
  10. N

    VBA-select cells meeting specific criteria & email

    Hello! Any help with this is appreciated including but not limited to actual code. I'm trying to help someone streamline a process but this is a little above my skill level. Here is what I want to accomplish: After pasting data from a .txt file into column A on worksheet "Data" send an...

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