email range

  1. A

    Simple Email through VBA to send a range of cells

    I've been using the following, which used to work and somehow I must have changed something that's making it get stuck. I'll see the email (just like I want it) pop up in Outlook asking me if I want to send it. At that point, everything is frozen and I have to force Excel to shut down. When it...
  2. E

    I need help big time! ! ! Click here to help me !

    <tbody> Button <here></here> Button <here></here> Button <here></here> Button <here></here> Button <here></here> Button <here></here> Button <here></here> Button <here></here> Button <here></here> Button <here></here> Button <here></here> column letters BA BB BC BD BE BF...
  3. P

    Emailing a Variable Range as HTML

    Hi all so first of all the below code is an adaption of one from Ron de Bruin and not my own code. I have a spreadsheet that has accounts number and information in columns A:D I have Macro Buttons in row one and my column headers in row 2. What I want to do is email A:C from row 2 to the last...
  4. M

    Greetings! Macro Question (Emailing).

    Hello All! I have been searching these forums and my friend Google for any indication as to why I am having the issue at hand (user error most likely). I have created a Macro to email a range of cells to a mailing list of my choosing. However when I email said range, which includes grouped...
  5. J

    Need help with E-Mail code “Please” Almost got it!!

    Hi All, Thanks for looking into my issue. What I trying to do is e-mail range "T1:X35" from worksheet "Main Sheet" in the body of the e-mail. The code needs to get the e-mail address from Cell "D37" and an ok to send from cell "C37" if it's value is "Yes". No error message is needed if no...
  6. JackDanIce

    Copy data from a spreadsheet and email

    Hi, Having difficulties finding what I want on the internet. I have a file that summaries some data which a user would copy a specified range into an email and send out. I have a macro that summaries that data but would like a macro that automatically copies the required data and pastes the...

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