1. P

    Emailing report for each item in filter/slicer

    Hi all, Hopefully I can explain this well enough - I have a dashboard based off of tables on other sheets which can be filtered to show results for individual departments. I also have corresponding email addresses for each department that the filtered results need to be send to. Is there any...
  2. T

    Emailing Muliple sheets macro

    I have a workbook with multiple worksheet that I need to be able each sheet to a different address. I found the following VBA macro that will convert the active sheet to a pdf, append it to an email, insert the email address, and save the pdf into a file. I then have to manually send the...
  3. B

    filter outlook 2007 by unanswered emails

    Hi all, Been searching for an easy solution to this all over the internet and havent came across one, so I was hoping the knowledgeable people in this forum could help. I need to send a total of about 1500 emails, all to different people, and need a way to track who hasnt responded yet. Is...
  4. Grizlore

    Emailing a meeting request to Outlook

    Hi I am trying to find out how to email a meeting request to Outlook from and Excel Userform. I have seen example code on how to create an email. I have seen how to add something into an Outlook calendar.... but what I need to to be able to create an email which is Outlook meeting request...

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