1. R

    Embedding Online Video - Powerpoint 2013

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone has a solution for this, its one of those silly little problems which is really eating my brain. I'm currently devising a presentation and I want to embed a video into powerpoint 2013, everytime I go to insert the embeded code I get an error message saying...
  2. D

    Embeded Formula

    This will take a mixture of at least HLOOKUP and Average I have a table of 2 columns; 1 column is dates from Jan. 1st to Dec 31st; 2nd column is inches of rain on each day. Several are 0 inches but I am needing to take the the average of each month of only the days that have greater than 0...
  3. K

    embed cell reference in formula

    Hello, Please send advice regarding utilizing a cell address in a function Currently have cell reference "$E$8" stored as a formula in cell E372 and want to use $E$8 to describe range in COUNTIF function Failed method =COUNTIF((INDIRECT(ADDRESS(E,372))):E371,">122") Desired affect...
  4. N

    Using VBA to locate embeded charts in powerpoint

    For security reasons l need to make sure that my powerpoint files do not have embeded charts in them. I.e. charts that you can click on and the excel file is displayed. I was wondering if anyone can think of some VBA code to find embded charts, but ignoring pictures of graphs etc. All l would...

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