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    Macro to insert 2 empty rows and row of heading after subtotal row

    Hello, I would like to create a macro, which will insert a subtotal after each change in either column B (Employment Status) or C (Type of Leave), bold the entire subtotal row, change the background of the subtotal row to grey, insert 3 rows after the subtotal and insert a line of headers...
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    VBA Spreadsheet - What have I done wrong?

    What am I doing wrong?
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    Excel 2003 Pivot Table - Hide Empty Rows Below Subtotal

    I am currently working with a Pivot Table in Excel 2003 and am trying to find a solution to hide all of the empty rows that appear below the Subtotals in column A. I suspect this likely needs to be done through a macro (maybe on Worksheet_Calculate), but don't have the knowledge to build it...
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    delete empty rows & columns

    I have a massive spreadsheet, with data range starting from C3. The first 2 rows and columns are the headers. I want to create a macro to delete the rows and columns that are empty at the data range. I appreciate all the help. Thanks, Fan
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    Help deleting empty rows in all sheets

    Just a beginner with VBA, trying to get this code to work in all sheets. Right now in only works in the active sheet. Ultimately it's supposed to delete all empty rows in all the worksheets. Public Sub DeleteCompletelyBlankRows() Dim as worksheet For each WS in Worksheets Dim R As...
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    can't delete rows?!?

    Hi, In many cases when I get a file from someone else and it is unreasonably big (in size), I check whether or not there are worksheet with extra lines being formatted....which cause the file to be big. then I mark the rows / columns and right click delete them. That usually will re size the...

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