1. D

    VBA Lotus Notes How to set MIME Encoding for SetContentFromBytes

    Hello, I haven't been able to find any resource to explain to me how I can set the encoding for the .SetContentFromBytes Lotus Notes MIMEEntity method. I am trying to declare base64, in the official documentation it shows ENC_BASE64 and therefore I have this Call...
  2. J

    Issues with character encoding?

    What I have: A bunch of CSV files with data. Say 300k rows each one. CSV files: if opened directly, they're in the wrong encoding and characters don't show up as they should. There's no option to select which encoding to use or which should be the default for all files? What also doesn't...
  3. T

    Macro to open txt file and save again with different encoding

    Hello, Do you have any ideas how can I open txt/csv file with encoding UTF-8 or ANSI and save it wit unicode encoding?
  4. M

    MICR Printing

    I have a spreadsheet that I put together to print checks. In one cell I have the following: =CONCATENATE("c", TEXT(N1, "000000"),"c a", N9, "a ", N8, "c ") and that cell is formatted with the font: MICR encoding. When I print this check from my computer at home I do not get MICR encoding. What...
  5. A

    get data from website by vb

    Hi i have problem to get data with this site http://cdn.tsetmc.com/Loader.aspx?ParTree=15131P&i=57875847776839336&d=20170606 In this website we have a lot of data what i need to get is tagged by "//script[contains(text(), 'BestLimitData')]" and "var IntraTradeData" what is the vb code to get...
  6. M

    "Bad file name or number" when FileCopy

    A1 has some Chinese text When I change the text in A1 to English it works fine It doesn't work with the Chinese text How do I fix this?
  7. M

    How to Fix XML Encoding in VBA?

    code: output: 1) how do I fix those characters in the xml response? (before parsing and pulling data from it) the actual output for this node should be "32ième" 2) once that is done, how do I remove all accents from characters? à,ḗ,ḯ,ǿ,ǘ,ḉ,ǹ >> o a,e,i,o,u,c,n
  8. L

    Encoding categorical data

    I encoded my nominal variables and I need to fill them out in a column. In other words, here is a table that shows a certain class and its corresponding code. <tbody> Acura 0.01186 Aston Martin 0.004237 </tbody> I have 100 different types of cars in the table above with each car having...
  9. D

    How to detect Charset/Encoding of excel file

    I am going to get a bunch of data exports from various systems and most of them will be in Excel file (xls as well as xlsx). I am looking how to detect Encoding of the file via any way, possibly even VBA macro or anything, but automated way (i.e. not converting to csv/txt file). Is there a...
  10. J

    Issues while exporting UTF-16 encoded .csv file to excel using c#

    Hi all, I am using following code to open the UTF-8 encoded .csv in excel: m_excel.Workbooks.OpenText(newPath, Comma: true); And that works fine. Can anyone tell me how to open UTF-16(Unicode) encoded .csv file in excel using similar code or some different approach. Please help me i urgently...
  11. R

    Import Text Wizard issues

    Hi I have a text file containing data which shows correctly in a web browser, looks like garbage in notepad, then when i import it through the text wizard using space as the delimiter it shows correctly except that some of the rows are shifted across by one column and others aren't. For example...
  12. P

    import csv from web as utf8 and format column as text

    Hi! I have a piece of code that imports data from a database on the web. It works but the import uses the wrong encoding. Excel also messes up a column with id-numbers, starting with three zeros that are removed by Excel. How can a change my code so that it imports the data as utf8 and the...
  13. E

    XML encoding from VBA

    Hi all, I have an issue regarding encoding in a XML file. I'm using scandinavian letters like "æ, ø, å"... and these are doing the damage. I loop a selection based on several rows testing if the text are bold etc. This is the start of my VBA code: Open "C:\test.xml" For Output As #1...
  14. J

    Encoding problem - change encoding?

    Hi, I'm using Excel 2007. I received a file from a client, it contains texts in the Vietnamese language. However when I open up the file it becomes gibberish (albeit still readable alphabetically). Something like this: chuyeân thieát keá gia coâng cheá taïo khuoân maãu vaø chi tieát maùy...

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