1. A

    IF statements and columns

    Hi all, really need your help I have a series of values and blanks randomly distributed in one column and I want to set up a formula in the next column which looks at the first column and says, if there is a value in first column then take that value, otherwise if there is a blank then use the...
  2. J

    Stop vbscript

    Is there a simple IF string that can be put into a vbscript/macro, to stop the routine when it encounters a specific variable? I am looking to stop the routine when it encounters a ="" variable in column A on my workbook
  3. tourless

    from the bottom up...

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for a snip of a macro that will look to column Q, from the last row up, and when it no longer encounters the value 'Q', add a row above that last instance. My list is already sorted but the major requirement is to search from the last row up.

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