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    Macro to set blank cells for to zero for several columns

    I need help modifying this code. I want to set any blank values in column A to zero. This macro works for this but I have to specify the range. I want the range to select all of the data in the column. ie. if the last cell was A563 I want the macro to be only applying this change from cells...
  2. K

    Macro to sort worksheet based on last data row and column

    Hi, I am working on a macro in which constantly gets updated with new columns each quarter and new rows each quarter. To avoid having to update the macro every few months to reflect the new rows and columns, I would like to edit the sort button to go to the end of the columns (all have headers)...
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    Macro to copy each rows last column used contents to another cell in the same row

    Currently this does the job for only the first row - I need it to loop through all rows: Sub LastCellBeforeBlankInRow() Range("A3:A6800").End(xlToRight).Copy _ Destination:=Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AA1") End Sub
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    Variable Column Selections Macro

    Hello all I'm trying to write a Macro for the following: I have a list of suppliers in column A and each month a score is generated for that supplier and the data put in columns, i.e. B has january score, C has february score etc. I want the macro to arrange the suppliers in order of the...

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