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    Stop routine when blank is found

    I have completed my first project with VBA and grateful for the help for those members who responded. It has been a of great help in my learning journey. The one annoying thing on one of the routines is that the routine continues and includes '0.00' in cells that should be left empty when the...
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    How do I stop a Input Box Loop for a Password when user clicks cancel?

    Hi guys, So my workbook is protected. I need a macro which prompts a InputBox saying "Please Enter Password." If the password is incorrect, it says, "Incorrect password. Please try again." and loops to the first input box. However... if they hit cancel, I want it to shut off the document...
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    Ending Loop

    Ok. This is my 2nd time to ask about ending a loop. I got help with the 1st & it works great!! I tried using the template of that one to make my next one work without success. The macro repeats the same action on multiple worksheets and I need it to stop and go to the next step when there are no...
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    Trying to End Loop When it Errors Out

    I have a macro that loops the script below. It works fine it cannot find any more "***ERRROR*** b/c they are all deleted at the end. I am just trying to have the loop stop when it Errors out. The error is "Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set". Sub...

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