1. D

    Count number of rows that contain data (rows will be dynamic)

    Hello If I have a set of data that will have an unknown number of rows, how can I calculate the number of rows with data in them if the sheet will change each time Example below, I only wish to count the rows with actual data not the blanks and because the range will change I can use a...
  2. N

    Energy Intesity Formula

    I've been trying to put the formula for energy intesity into an Excel spreadsheet and seem to be having a brain block on how to get it to work. I'm trying to wrap my head around the subject and want to use this as a checker. I want it set up so you can enter the power input, the takt time, and...
  3. D

    Extract Numbers from Text String

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to extract numbers from text strings. I appreciate your help. <tbody> C&J ENERGY 1422213 NEAR $37.6 12/14/2018 PIONEER 1422215 THUMMJ $25 12/14/2018 </tbody> $42/TN [Hold] $37.60 [Hold] C&J ENERGY 1422199 NEAR $84.80 12/14/2018 Desired outcome: $37.6 $25...
  4. B

    IF statement or MACRO? Time series math help

    Hi, I have a time series data set (see table below for example) where I need to add up a column (F:kWh_calc) for just one days worth of data. The data set is years worth of electrical demand interval data and its all at random time stamp intervals that average about every 15 minutes for a...
  5. N

    Solar Calculator

    Hi guys, I posted a question regarding this recently but I don't think I worded it quite correctly and after some consideration have come up with a clearer (wordy) way of trying to calculate something which would be awesome if someone could convert to excel language for me! I am trying to...
  6. P

    Normalizing utility bills into calenfar month???

    Hi smart ppl, I have been pulling my hair out trying to write a set a vba codes that normalize utility bills into actual calendar month. So far I have.. Column A as Reading Dates (In order from Jan-Dec) (eg. January 15, 2015) Column B as Year (In order from smallest to largest) (eg. 2015)...
  7. D

    How to sort a single column of dated & timed hourly data into Weekday & Weekend profiles.

    Hi, hope some of you gurus can help me please. I have a large download of data from a Gas meter, which I need to analyse to show a line chart with 3 lines: max, min and avg values for each time slot per weekday (M-F) and per weekend day (S-S). Time slots on X axis (horiz) & value of gas used on...
  8. K

    Integration, Integrals, Calculus

    I am trying to take a pair of waveforms from an oscilloscope, specifically a voltage waveform and a current waveform, that was acquired from the same source. I want to then multiply the the waveforms together and integrate the resulting product. I want to plot this 'integrated product'...

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