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    IF, COUNTIFS Statement

    hello i am trying to write a formula to identify unique enterprise IDs associated with an employee. table below. i don't know where i am messing up, if somebody could advise. Column BH is where the formula is <tbody> Column E Column L Column BH Employee Officer Code Enterprise ID Unique...
  2. P

    Generating Semi Unique ID's based off Multiple Criteria's

    I am trying to have the spreadsheet to Auto Generated an ID for me. I need this ID to Reference together 3 different Products into a Single Project. At the bottom I have included a link to a Sample Workbook & Picture. ENTERPRISE PROJECT A: (Composed of three different Products) MIL Site |...
  3. B

    COUNTIFS Function

    hello, need a formula for the following, i think its countifs but i keep messing up column A has a list of Enterprise ID's for example E11111111 Column B has account numbers associated with Column A so there could be 5 account numbers associated with column A for example or just one on a...
  4. R

    Creating charts from selected data

    Hello all, So I created the following macro to act as an easy way to take user selected data, create a chart and apply a specific template. The reasoning is that we need standardized chart templates deployed across our company. This code will be added to the Ribbon as a macro, and used by...
  5. E

    Hyperion Retrieve and Loading One Sheet at a Time

    Hi - I've got a workbook that I load/refresh on multiple sheets. I want to load each sheet separately. Right now, every time I export, the entire workbook exports up into Hyperion Enterprise. How do I change this? Is this something I can change? I have other workbooks with a similar setup...

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