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    vba if condition two actions

    hello I've try , faced to msgbox anwser , stop a macro AND clear email envelope head but I ony able to d one or other It's possible perform both ? cesar
  2. W

    Envelope report has errors after updating equipment

    Hello! Looking for some help on an old mdb that some friends at a local horse barn had made for them in 1997. They recently purchased new equipment for their office, and are no longer able to use their report for printing #10 envelopes in the same way that the old equipment used to. Nothing...
  3. R

    Print Multiple Items from Listbox

    Hey all, First I will describe what I am trying to do and then I'll do my best to describe the situation. I am printing envelopes for multiple people each week, sometimes a week there will be more envelopes sent out versus other weeks. This requires me to select who I am sending to, load the...
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    Excel for Envelopes

    Hey all, I need to use Microsoft Excel to create single or multiple #10 envelopes with different business addresses and "attn:" boxes from a list of businesses/addresses/attns stored in Excel. I need to manually be able to click on each business within a userform that I need to print an...
  5. D

    Envelope/Line Block Graph

    Hi, I have a line graph with 4 lines, of which I would like to seperate into two groups and show the 'envelope' that each graph covers. So can I 'colour in' the space between lines 1 and 2 (as one group) and 3 and 4 (as another)?. If these 'envelopes' overlapped, there might need to be some...

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