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    Place Name in selected Cell from UserName lookup result

    Hello all. I am struggling with this one. What im trying to do is if a cell is selected in the range of C3:J30 it looks up the = Environ("username") in Settings!A1:B35 (A-usernames, B-Actual Name) and places the Actual Name in the selected cell. Then if the cell is selected again when it...
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    Evaluating current user name in ambitious formula string via VBA

    Hi all, Perhaps this is a little too ambitious for a formula string, but it seems like it should be made able to work. Set up: I'm trying to place numerous items into the single cell "A1" of worksheet "Sheet1" via a formula produced by a VBA macro. Here's a visual sample of the output of the...
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    Environ(UserName) on Remote Machine

    I've been working on a project for buyers to get data using a userform. If the data they want isn't there they can send a request to me via email to get the data entered. In the sendmail sub I used sUserName = Environ("UserName") & "@company.com" and it worked while I was testing it...

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