1. R

    Environ use (blackslash vs. forward slash)

    So I have a question on the use of Environ function in VBA. If I want to open a file from my desktop, it appears I need to use forward slashes instead of backslashes? Is this correct? Is there a forward slash version on Environ? Private Sub PortConvey_Click() Dim sPath As String 'MTS...
  2. M

    VBA to hide worksheets based on windows user names..

    I have been working on a new quoting tool for my organization and I guess I did such a great job( in large part to this forum! Thank you to everyone!:):):):)) that the Engineers are worried that the sales people will create quotes without engineering overview and create some serious issues...
  3. J

    delete worksheets if cell value...

    Hi. Sorry for long story... and rally english :-) I try to create next one. When opening Excel file and if macros are disabled, user get message " let me run". All anothers worksheets are then very hidden. If user are enabled macros then he will see several worksheets, exception those what are...
  4. P

    VBA: Problems with Environ("Username")?

    I have recently started using Environ("Username") quite a bit. I use it to track who's using my workbook, or track issues certain users may be having, and also to make a few of my userform functions a bit more user friendly. I've been having these strange issues with my workbook that I had not...
  5. A

    Environ and EntireRow.Lock to unlock rows owned by Environ User upon sheet select and lock others.

    Hello Excel gurus, Can there be a combination of code that will: 1. Get Environ("username") in memory 2. Paste said username into an edited row cell at, say, A5 when any in B5:X5 is edited, down to each potential row 1000+ 3. Check current Environ username against all rows with Pasted username...
  6. J

    Error Environ | Username

    HI, I’m working to set the value of a variable to “Environ(“Username”)” but I’m getting an error about “Constant expression required” , not sure what I’m doing wrong Const computeruser = Environ("USERNAME")Any help will be much appreciated josh
  7. D

    Refresh VBA when spreadsheets opens

    Hi, If anyone could help :confused: I want the user ID to appear in a cell Public Function user() As String user = Environ("username") End Sub All works fine, but when I send it to another user they have to click on the cell for it to update.... (hope that makes sence) could anyone...
  8. D

    Function UserNameWindows()

    Function UserNameWindows() As String UserName = Environ("USERNAME") End Function I tried using the above function and it compiles properly but there is no output in the cell I apply the function to. I can see the function in the insert function field below the tool bars, but the cell is blank...

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