environment variable

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    Excel VBA under Local, Terminal Server and Citrix environments

    Hi Folks, Interesting situation here with the environ(SESSIONNAME) function. I need to know from which environment the Excel is running from: local, TS or Citrix. I run an .xls on local machine under Excel 03, on TS under Excel 03 and on Citrix under 2013. The xls is run by the users in either 2...
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    Password Protect Worksheet Based on User w/ VBA

    I have a spreadsheet with various formulas that I would like to protect from others editing. If I use tools protection, it's annoying because once I apply the protection, I have to unprotect before I can edit it again. I would like to use VBA to enter in a script that reads the user name...
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    Environment variable question

    I'm trying to use an environment variable ( %userName%) so when the user of the spreadsheet saves the macro, it directs it to the folder's that were created with a batch file (md "%userprofile%\desktop\XXXXX) I can get it to save to a specific file but I'm not having any luck using the variable...

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