1. N

    Dropdown dependency

    I have a dropdown list with one value “Go” in A2. I want to make possible for users to choose “Go” unless one scenario. In case they choose X1 or X2 from a dropdown list containing X1,X2,X3,X4 in cell B2, they are obligated to fill in a value in C2 before they can choose "Go" in A2. it could be...
  2. A

    Error/Msg Box to appear if Cells dont match

    Hi All, I have a sheet where employees submit weekly activity figures. They enter figures in section A and Section B where the totals are in Cell A25 and A60. At the end they then click a button (in a macro called "Submit")to submit the figures. What i want is a message or error box to pop up...
  3. R

    Procedure too large

    Hi There , I would like to show the definition of each definition placed in a combo box , I use more over 80 drop down list here is my code ; it was working good but when i add some new definition i got this error (Procedure too large ) Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)...
  4. pedie

    Please help me in removing #value! error in my formula, thanks

    IF(OR(R9<>"okay",OR(R8<>"okay",R10<>"okay")),"NO","Yes") Fornula is as above, thanks ;)

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