error 438

  1. M

    VBA Run-time error ‘438’ - Unknown Reason

    Hello, Developing a code in Excel VBA for work (code at the end of this post) and I am running into the following error a few times in the code: Run-time error ‘438’: Object doesn’t support this property or method This code (full code posted below at end) is executed in one workbook, opens...
  2. szita2000

    Run-time error 438 when trying to set a range

    Hi Guys. I can't seem to figure this one out. I am attempting to copy from the workbook containing the macro to another workbook. For the copy and paste I need to set a range in the target workbook that contains the day numbers on Sheet3 in a named range It crops out with error "Object...
  3. V

    Please help me on my code - Struggling more thank 3 week

    I am getting error in my below code. please help me . I am stuck around 3 weeks Sub Sample() 'Setting up the Excel variables. Dim olApp As Object Dim olMailItm As Object Dim myAttachments As Object Dim iCounter As Integer Dim Dest As Variant Dim SDest As String...
  4. 1

    Error 438 when copy and paste

    Hi, I have the following code. What it does is that it automatically adds a new row when some conditions are fullfilled. This works good, but I am having problem with the next step, which is to copy and paste the value in "D35" To the new created row in column "AB". As you can see below, after...
  5. A

    Userform throwing a 438 error on hiding workbook

    Hi all, Hope you can Help i'm fairly new to VBA and Userforms. We have a userform which we want filling in but don't want to show the excel in the background as we want to try limit anyone from going in and updating it, this works fine if there are no other workbooks open but if there is the...
  6. R

    Automatic insertion of an Hyperlink by VBA

    Hello I have a small project, which is giving me a large problem, and I have battled with it all afternoon (sigh!). I would be so grateful for some help, please! The project is to keep track of Clients, and to maintain a summary of amounts invoiced, the type of work done, and so on. The summary...
  7. E_DPSG

    Runtime 438 Error - Object Doesn't support this property method

    Hi everyone - Running into an issue on assigning the value to the cell with the following statement: Sheets("DASHBOARD").RangeR1C1(RowPos + i, StartPos + i).Value = rs(i) I am calling a SQL statement to fetch the data to post against the dashboard. The SQL statement has been simplified for...
  8. A

    worksheet.cell.text method throws error 438

    Hello All, I am trying to use late binding in creating a worksheet and then passing the values from the opened workbook but i get "error 438 : object doesn't support this method or property" in this line Public Sub CompareHeader(shtsExcelNew As Object, shtsExcelDiff As Object) dim strDSAbnBl...
  9. S

    VBA run-time error '438':

    Limited VBA conceptual understanding. Using Excel 2010 Binary file type. Attempting to modify three simple graphs (on same worksheet) by overriding scale minimums and maximums with cell references in same worksheet. Unfortunately, I am getting a VBA error that I have done some limited...
  10. FracinDean

    Error 438, Trouble with Formatting Shapes, Recorded Macro Not Working

    I am attempting to use a macro to change the formatting of some shapes. I recorded some code with the macro recorder which works when I am recording it, but it doesn't work when I re-run it from the macro. Here is the code: ActiveChart.ChartArea.Select...
  11. S

    [VBA] Error 438 when trying to open an existing Workbook

    Hey all. I am having a weird error. In my function I am opening an existing Workbook, using Find method to locate a search criteria and store its row, and using the row to find a String in "E<ROW>". This works fine on one computer in another code which I used to trouble shoot it, but when I...
  12. D

    Find cell containing text to determine which column to sort

    Hi, I have several columns of data. I have created a form that allows the user to select which variable they wish to sort by and they can select up to four variables. The combobox allows a selection only from the headers in the columns. In order to sort in the correct order I need to find out...
  13. M

    Error 438 'Object does not support this property or method' When Pasting

    Hello, I'm having one of those days where I can't seem to see the minor error that is completely stopping my entire workflow. Whenever I run the following code, I get an "Object does not support this property or Method" on the "Template.Sheets(1).Range("A1").Paste" line at the bottom...
  14. P

    Excel macro runtime error 438

    I'm making a macro for a computing assigment for excel. When i run the macro i get the error 'Run-Time Error 438 - Object doesn't support this property or methord' This is in relation to the picture which i have to include in the assigment. I created a new worksheet tab and put the picture...
  15. S

    .Find not working - returning the string I was searching for, not the location it found it in...

    I am looking for a varietey of data, based on what files are opened to begin wtih. The data (workbookA.sheet1.columnA) is saved to (set as the value of) a variable "resource_name" which should then search for it in the other sheet (workbookB.sheet1) to see if it even exists (in this case I want...
  16. K

    Importing semi-colon separated file to an excel workbook

    Hello, Im very new to using the Visual-Basic Editor in Excel, I have been searching for a solution to my problem but could not find one. Ive got a file .skv type (semi-colon separated) that ive set to open with excel (I'm using 2000). I want the data from this file (5000 rows with 4 semi-colon...
  17. J

    Web query for password protected site

    Hello all, I am trying to create a macro that fetches information from a password protected site. I am getting error 438 but don't know how to fix it. At the moment, I am unable to automate the log in process. I tried checking the page's source code for the property but I'm not sure what...
  18. J

    Sort Code error in 2003

    Hello All, I am an absolute n00b when it comes to VB. most of my code was written in MacroRecorder and edited to clean it up and make it more readable to a computer. This code works fine in 2007 but my store computers use 2003. Can someone please help me identify what I can change to make this...
  19. I

    Error 438?! Not sure how to fix it...

    I'm trying to run a macro but I'm getting a run-time error - and it highlights the If..Then statement in the following code. Anyone know what its talking about when the error says "Object doesn't support this property or method"? Thanks in advance for any help, ieJason W Here's the code...

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