error 53

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    Run Time Error 53 Code

    Can someone please help with this code. I have a file "AA" that I am looking to take data from my larger file, have it pasted into this file in a certain format and save the data in a certain naming convention as an XLSX and a PDF. However, I am having lots of trouble with this. I have the code...
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    Launch list of applications & webpages via VBA - Run-time error '53': File not found

    Hello everyone, I've referred to MrExcel countless times over the years to learn Excel and VBA, so firstly thanks to everyone who contributes to make this such an excellent resource. I've now encountered an error which I'm not able to find a solution for. I've been using this code for months...
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    Error 53 at 'Open filename for Output'

    I try to make a macro for saving an Excel sheet to a .CSV file with "@" as delimiter. At the line "Open fname For Output As #fnum", the Error 53, "no file found" occurs. The Excel-help is saying that if the file is not present, a new file will be made. This error occurs now and then, How to...

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