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    VBA - Cant Exit errorhandler

    I know I have error after resume, but it won't trigger. Why won´t Resume exit the error handler On Error Resume Next cap = QUL_Import_Form.CAPnr file = QUL_Import_Form.Anlnr If Err.Number = 13 Or cap = 0 Then MsgBox "Felaktig data har angivits...
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    Handle Error Code 91 and Move on to Next Operation

    Hello, Help with this would be much appreciated. I wrote a program that seeks out a specific string and modifies the format of it's cell once it is found. Sometimes the string will exist on the sheet and sometimes it won't. I need the program to keep running and do its job if the string isn't...
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    Error Handling Custom Functions

    Hi, I need some help on error handling my function below. (I've only copied part of the function to keep it simple) The function works fine, but if a tier is selected that isn't an option, the function returns a value of 0. Is there anyway to have the function return a #Value or #NA value if...
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    Updating User Form

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to design a Userform which returns Item Description and other details. however i'm hitting errors all over the place. Private Sub Cross_Ref_Change() Dim strCross_Ref As Variant Dim strItem As Variant Dim strVariant As Variant Dim strDescription As Variant Dim strUOM As...

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