1. TAPS_MikeDion

    MS Excel for Mac 2011 - VB Ver 14.0 - Escape Key capture

    Hi all, Does anyone know if VB key capture works with Excel for Mac 2011? I have tried several different methods to capture the ESC key being pressed and I can't seem to get it to do anything. The last simple thing I tried was: Application.OnKey "{ESC}", "EscapeKeyPressed" inside the...
  2. Y

    exiting array formula evaluation mode

    To see the evaluation of an array formula, one can highlight the array formula and hit F9. Hitting ESC should exit the evaluation mode and go back to display the array formula. It has happened to me a few times that ESC doesn't show the array formula. I was stuck in the evaluation mode. Any way out?
  3. L

    Cancel = true

    Hi I have a form which has 2 text boxes, one for userName and one for password and 2 buttons, one Enter and one Cancel. The article below is saying I need to make Cancel properties of a command button to True then I can use ESC key to cancel. I want to understand that better. So here is my...
  4. A

    VBA Code stuck in a loop

    Hi, Im using this code below but im stuck in the loop until i press ESC. Can someone help me write into this code that it stops when ESC is pressed Sub rrrr() Do button24hr Application.Wait Now + TimeSerial(0, 0, 5) BUTTONNOW Application.Wait Now + TimeSerial(0, 0, 5)...
  5. H

    Problem with Esc button

    Hi! After running the macro the Esc button still doesn't work. When I press the Esc button get massage: " You can not run macros: Sheet1.xlms'!NoChange. macros may not be available in this workbook or all macros are disabled." Sub Start() ' Application.EnableCancelKey = False '...
  6. J

    application.onkey doesn't work when is running

    Hello, Everyone. In my Test.xlsm Excel workbook. thisworkbook code is : sub workbook_open()Application.OnKey "{ESC}", "a" end sub the module code is : sub a()thisworkbook.close savechanges:=fasle end sub sub b()for i=1 to 1048576 sheet1.cells(i,1)=i doevents next end sub Now, here is my...
  7. B

    Form freezing, Esc key for evey subsequent action required

    Periodically (but quite regularly) when I try to open a user-form it will open up but be blank. If I click the Esc key the form will fill but from that point onward (to click buttons or close the form) I must click the Esc key again before it will accept each action. Also, if I have VBE open...
  8. K

    VBA SHBrowseForFolder Escape key/double click behaviour

    Hello, I'm relatively new to using VBA to generate and save files, but these forums have proved such good help that I've only had to sign up for an account now, as I've found no solution to my problem. Please forgive me for any impolitic behaviour, with respect to posting rules in this forum...
  9. S

    Prevent user to stop a calculation

    Hi a have a big Excel program. The only macro that I use is a button that turns the calculation mode to manual and then makes a "calculate". This takes about 2 min and then it get back to an automatic calculation mode. The problem is that when it is running and that a user press the "Esc"...

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