1. B

    Averageif alternative

    Hi, I have an evaluation dashboard which contains graph overviews which change dependent upon what option is selected on a data validation list. The data source is on another tab and it uses averageif against the different criteria I've set to pull specific data from the raw data (eval...
  2. A

    Using Iif and eval in MS access

    Hi All, I tried using If and Eval function in MS Access while im getting the data in access however it is throwing a Syntax error. My requirement is if the currency code is equal to GBP,USD,EUR,HKD the reporting currency column should have respective currency codes. If other than...
  3. D

    evaluate formula vs VBA function

    I have a complex spreadsheet with an Excel table containing my data and formula [in Excel 2010] I have a series of columns by month. eg. Jan x, Jan y, Jan z, Jan Total, Feb x, Feb y, Feb z, Feb total, etc (thru to end of year). I have a YTD formula that is driven by a drop-down (where I select...
  4. M

    Using VBA to add formula to cell

    Hello to all, I´m stuck with a problem (MS excel pro plus 2013). This works ok, it just adds the string to the cell: Plan2.Cells(20, 7).Value = "SUM(" _ & "sumifs(Lançamentos!$V:$V;Lançamentos!$D:$D;G$9;Lançamentos!$C:$C;G$11;Lançamentos!$E:$E;" & contas & ";Lançamentos!$R:$R;$C20) + " _...
  5. J

    How can I insert a text string of formula into the middle of another formula?

    Hello, I have spent a few days on figuring out how but have no clue... =A1&VLOOKUP(K1,AF$1:AH$45,3)&C1 where the VLOOKUP will return a text string of formula like: T$21&EVAL("E"&ROW())&U$23&AB1 how can I make it function as if it were like this: =A1&T$21&EVAL("E"&ROW())&U$23&AB1&C1 please...
  6. D

    Eval function help

    Hello I am using the following VBA script to show formulae in calculations: Public Function Eval(S As String) Eval = Evaluate(S) End Function No matter what I do (e.g. include application.volatile) I always get the #NAME? error after I change any other formula in the sheet and thus...
  7. E

    MoreFunc EVAL question

    I recently downloaded Morefunc for excel and have been playing around with some of the functions. Truth be told I downloaded morefunc for its EVAL function which, from what I understand can accomplish the following: In A1:A3 (for instance) a1 = 3 a2 = + a3 = 5 =evaluate(a1&a2&a3) And the...

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