event handler

  1. J

    In VBScript via CSCRIPT only, no web involved: how to handle a WinHTTP object's events?

    I've written a small VBS script to GET or POST an URL to a WinHTTP object and put its plain-text output to stdout -- any body text it needs should be send via stdin. Please note that it's a stand-alone VBS file, so there's no web involved whatsoever -- it's simply invoked with CSCRIPT...
  2. R

    vba event handler in array

    Dear All master, I want if I make changes in the "master" sheet it automatically changes in the "trans" sheet. I want a fast code because there are thousands of records in the "trans" sheet. ABCDEFGHIJ1Supplier NameCODENEW CODECOMBINEITEM DESCNEW PRICEIsiUNIT IN ACTUALPriceUNIT IN...
  3. T

    worksheet change macros inconsistant

    I have the following macros set up in one worksheet "code-behind" page to call other macros when specific cells are changed: --------------------------------------------------- Private Sub worksheet_change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target, Me.Range("B9")) Is Nothing Then Call...
  4. korhan

    How can I send SendKeys command to KeyUp event?

    Hello forum rats, I have certain event that is linked to an ActiveX combo box. Public Sub ComboBox2_KeyUp(ByVal keyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, ByVal shift As Integer) ' Check if the user is pressing up or down arrow key, if yes run the macro If keyCode = 38 Or keyCode = 40 Or keyCode...
  5. K

    Need pivot tabel data source change autometically

    Dear All, Good evening I am facing a problems need your help. My problem, I have a worksheet and it contain 10 data sheet, 5pivot table( one pivot sheet have 4 provost also), When I copy this worksheet and change worksheet name and past new data. I saw pivot table data source not chane, it...
  6. korhan

    UserForm listbox won't initialize

    Hello Mr.Excel Community, I have a really simple question which I couldn't figure out by myself. My listbox won't initialize no matter what I have tried. I have tried to initialize the listbox when I open the form, I have also tried a click event and none of them worked. Here is my test code...
  7. P

    Running Event Handler Change with Multiple cells

    Hi Members After a couple of research I was able to make the code below, where basically I need the macro to run either the change happen in cell A5 or G23, but when I run it I got "Ambigous Name Deteted" error. Also in the same worksheet I have another Worksheet Change event, so I don't know...
  8. P

    How to call two Macros with the same cell change

    Hi Members I've been trying to figure out a way to call two macros based on a condition given by the same cell. So for example I have Cell C9 = Bloqueo (for Spanish) and through Macros I'm changing that to English so it will be like Cell C9 = Block so when C9 is Bloqueo I need the...
  9. J

    VBA Before Save Event

    I use Excel 2010 64 bit W7, although I doubt that is important here. All the message boards say that a save by VBA should trigger a Before_Save event macro in the workbook being saved. It does not for me. I remember reading in an MSDN document on a related issue the offhand comment that Oh, by...
  10. K

    Sort a list by drag and drop using VBA event handlers

    Hello All, I have built a sheet that allows the user to sort a table of data. Rather than using sort values, I am replicating a drag-and-drop with a single click to select the row and another to insert it at another place in the table. The best way I can come up with uses...
  11. D

    Daily Automation a VBA Web Query

    Hey all. I wrote a macro that goes to the internet and into my Yahoo! Finance imports the entire page, searches for the word portfolio value, goes down one cell to grab that value, brings it back to a data worksheet and deletes the imported data. I am trying to set it up so this program runs...
  12. J

    Event triggered when a shape is moved

    I have searched the forums for an answer to this and haven't found anything, but I am forever hopeful! Is there a way to trigger a macro when a shape is moved by the user? If I set the OnAction property for a shape, then the cursor changes to a hand when it is over the shape, and I can detect a...
  13. B

    Stop combobox_click code running when the code changes the value

    Hi, I have several combo boxes with varible lists of data; modifiying combobox1 causes the list in combobox2 to be updated. The problem I have is that when the code from combobox1 updates combobox2 I finish with the line below (this line just makes the combobox2.value equal the first value in...
  14. B

    Event handler...

    I am looking for some code that will populate a number of items when a certain cell is selected in excel. I know how to set up all the code for populating cells based on the initial selection (drop down box with 3 choices).....I just don't know how to have the code operate automatically when...

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