event macro

  1. S

    Automate creation of event macro

    Hi, So I have a monthly report that I have automated to refresh with new data and perform other preparations. One tool I have will cause the header to change color if filtered. That way I don't forget the filter and allow it to mess up the rest of my work. I want to add the creation of this...
  2. I

    Scan Barcode in move one to the right (A1-B1), Then down (A2-B2) without changing direction... code maybe??

    I'm a novice to excel. I found the code somewhere on the web and it works halfway. This is what I need this sheet to do. When I scan a asset code in A1, I need it to go to B2 Then down to the next row A2 and over to B2 etc... If there is an error I'd like to delete it without the code shooting...
  3. R

    Event VBA cell multiplication

    Hi Guys, I'm a new member, so apologies for any incorrect formatting! It's fairly easy (but I've never had to use Excel in this capacity!) I have a list of destinations set against each other with the distances of such in the corresponding cell, I'm trying to create an event to find...
  4. S

    VBA SelectionChange on specific cells, copy into another sheet

    I'm new to writing VBA but I think I'm close to something. I want a macro that will run if a cell is changed in the range F10:F31. I want it to put in a different sheet the text of the cell address " Updated On " and the date. I think I'm close to something, but this isn't running. Private...
  5. G

    event macro to click data in one document and instantly copy it on another?

    noob at excel and no experience with visual basic. what code would I need to create a macro program where I click or double click data in a cell, and it would copy and paste into a cell into a different excel document? this is possible I hope? I have a list of commodities on a spreadsheet...
  6. M

    VBA Code to run when format is changed

    Hi All, I am trying to write a simple event code that will run when a format is changed. Essentially, when a cell format is changed to green I want to put a 1 in another cell. Thanks in advance for your help
  7. K

    Trigger Macro from changes in an Excel Dropdown

    Hi all, I'm trying to get my worksheet to run a macro after a change in a drop down selection. Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance!
  8. S

    Opening excel from power point slide with open_workbook event

    Hello I am newbie to excel VBA programming. I have charts in power-point which are linked to excel sheets. by right clicking on chart and then 'Edit data' I could open associated workbook. but it is not landing to appropriate sheet in that workbook.(It just opens the workbook !) I need to...
  9. E

    Event Macros Not Being Triggered

    Good Afternoon, In my workbook I have a series of workbook_change events that, until the other day worked beautifully!! Now, the don't seem to be triggered when they should be. I have looked through all my code and removed all instances of Application.EnableEvents = False that could...
  10. pedie

    Need a click on a cell to truger macro. Please help. Need help urgerntly. Thanks again

    When I click on D18, I want C17 formula = now() then copy and paste special - values in activecell in C17

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