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  1. R

    VBA Worksheet Change Event formula

    Dear All Master, I want the vba code in the db sheet in the table name which is "DB". I want in the id column I just type and immediately enter or type and immediately tab, copy the value then it will automatically appear in the value in the Name & Job column. This is my link : VBA Worksheet...
  2. R

    VBA Worksheet Change Event Multi Filter

    Dear All master, I want multi filters. In cell N1, the filter validation by year, cell O1 filter validation by period, cell P1 filter validation by category. So please modify the code vba I have. This is my link : VBA Worksheet Change Event Multi Filter.xlsm file Private Sub...
  3. D

    Check Value Before Pivot Table Update

    Hello all. I am having a ton of trouble with this one. I have a SQL Server database which is the source of data read in an excel spreadsheet. This database gets updated on the hour every hour during the work day. To ensure that users don't block jobs running on the server by refreshing the...
  4. pedie

    event vba not working. Need help. Thanks

    Hi, This is my current code which does not work. I already have code starting Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange so I dont know how i should go ahead and name this one now for I same kind of result...:biggrin: When I click on textbox1 i want it to paste whatever was copied in advanced...

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