1. B

    Randon test generator based on some criteria

    Hello guys, I have an Excel Spreadsheet with a specific sheet called "DB" which contains 7 different fields: Column A: Question Column B: Alternative 1 Column C: Alternative 2 Column D: Alternative 3 Column E: Alternative 4 Column F: Difficult Level Column G: Subject And basically, we have...
  2. R

    Lookup and Join inquiry

    I need to join a comma delimited list to a list that has the corresponding naming conventions. For example... Table A - Starting from Cell A2 <tbody> 45,745 209,65,35 45,112,N60 </tbody> Table B - Starting from Cell A2 (ID) & B2 (Name) <tbody> <tbody> 45 Exam One 209 Test Two...
  3. D

    Data extraction & population

    Is it possible to automate the following; I have 2 sheets. Sheet2 is raw data with 8 columns and dynamic number of rows. Sheet1 is blank and will extract data from Sheet2. In Sheet2; - column A is populated with unique student ID - column E is populated with their exam grade - column G has...
  4. E

    Listing names with data between values

    Hi. This is my first post. Used Excel on and off for a while and manage to get by through googling functions I need but this one has me stumped. I'm collating exam results and trying to create lists of names depending on their scores on another sheet. I've managed this so far...
  5. T

    Question Bank

    How do I create a question and answer bank with excel in a way that I can randomly produce tests with corresponding answer sheets? Also, I need to create multiple choice tests. Little about me: real dumb. Basic instruction and guidance is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. C

    Calculating a garde with portions weighted differently.

    This should be easy, but I keep messing it up. The quizzes in a class I'm teaching add up to 60% of the grade. The exam counts for 40 percent. Suggest a formula? Student has a 65 average for the quiz portion, 36 for the exam. Thanks in advance.
  7. Jazz M

    Sum If puzzle

    Hi folks, I am running a marking centre this weekend and I wish to sum track 'live marking' of exams over the course of the day. I have 3 teams, each correcting one exam (Exam A, Exam B, Exam C). However I only wish to see a candidates overall result once a score has been posted to each of the...
  8. J

    Microsoft Excel 77-727 Course

    Hi, First time poster/new user. Question: I'm told I can earn 1 college credit through ACE if I complete the Microsoft Excel 77-727 Course & 1 credit for completing the exam, 77-728. I understand the exam is through a third party vendor, however the course 77-727 is supposed to be with...
  9. T

    Predicting Exam Question Topics

    Hello all, Twice a year there is an exam with 10 questions. There are 21 potential question topics, and you don't know which topic will be used each for each question. I have a list of what each of the 21 topics have been used for the 10 questions over the past 10 years. Is it possible to use...
  10. R

    how to calculate original value

    Dear Friends, in column B i have lots of values which are 26% less than original value, I mean 26% discounted from original value. I have to chalk out exact value in column C. As exam in column B i have 74. in column C value will come 100. Any formula pls help. Regards Ramu
  11. A

    Excel formula to calculate utilization properly

    Hi Team, I have a capacity sheet for resources project wise and the requirement is that if any fresource resigns and if goes on Exam leave for a duration then in those months instead of capacity(No's) R for resignees and EL for exam leave should reflect and it should not calculate their...
  12. S

    Blanks Cells Highlights in Conditional Formatting

    Hi, How to apply the conditional formatting for blanks cells with multiple criteria of the following data. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bfumzp5zzwu77bo/CFCB.PNG?dl=0 <colgroup><col span="4"></colgroup><tbody> CODE A1 A2 A3 SUBJECT SUBJECT 010 SUBJECT 010 SUBJECT 009 EXAM 5 GRADE1...
  13. B

    Excel Certification

    I'm thinking about taking the MS advanced Excel exam so I can add this to my resume. Does anyone know what is the best study materials to get to study for the exam? Is there a website i could go to for exam dates and times? Thank you, Michael
  14. B

    MOS Certification Specialist vs Expert

    Hi All, I have a general question regarding which certification should I take. Currently I'm unemployed and looking for a job as a Business Systems Analyst or similar title. I was thinking that I should show some certification on my resume and Excel (also Word) came to mind. First of...
  15. W

    Consolidated data in the Summary page

    HI All, Nice to meet you all. I am a study currently working as an assistant in an educational institution on a voluntary basis. I am going to consolidated the exam result of students and performing analysis. The system we currently using is able to generate the result of each student as...
  16. H

    MOS 2013 quesiton

    Hello, I have this question MOS 2013 exam (I have Excel 2013): fill all cells in the column that contain values of more than $100 with bright yellow. My problem is the following: if i set conditional formatting like: Cell Value > 100, then it works but the first cell will be also yellow (the...
  17. E

    I need help to understand VBA questions!

    Im only looking for help on a bunch of questions and I am going to be posting them one at a time upon explanation of why that is the answer. I actually want to understand the reason behind so if you can help, thank you very much? Question 1 Given that A=12, B=13, Z=3 at the start of the...
  18. Zahraa

    Can any body help me in my Excel exam?

    Next sunday my exam can any body provide me with any questions about thus topics because I am not sure that I am excellent: Protection(cells,worksheets,......ect) Names. Pivot tables. Date and time functions. Financial functions. (thus very hard :eeek:) Date Tables. Auditing. (I never understood...

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