excel 2002

  1. C

    Rounding Formula

    I have inherited an Excel Spreadsheet (Excel 2002) at work which contains the following formula (it contains 381 characters). The calculations are mostly to do with money. Some of the answers I get are correct. Some are a penny out and others are several pence out. I have managed to work out...
  2. C

    Workspace Question - Excel 2002

    I have a workspace that includes 4 workbooks(worksheets) to which I want to add an existing additional workbook(worksheet) that is not currently park of the workspace. I cannot see how to do this. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  3. C

    Auto Output Based on Selection From Input List

    Hi Forum! I am making a daily production sheet in EXCEL2002 and need to have a list in one column that allows a user to select one of, say, 15 product types from a drop down menu (I know how to make this using Data Validation) for each hour of a shift, and then output into an adjacent cell a...
  4. P

    Data Validation with VBA without use of worksheet cells

    The code below inserts Data Validation (DV) in Sheet1!A1 using only VBA. Unfortunately there appears to be a limit to the length of string that can be written to the DV 'Source' box. I have set up the macro so that you can determine the number of string elements (options) there are in the DV...
  5. R

    Excel 2002 failing to open with formatting

    We have an Excel file that has not reached any limitations that I can find. However, after saving it about twice (we've had it recovered by network guys a few times), the error occurs again. We can work in it as long as we want, saving along the way, but when it is closed, it will not open...
  6. V

    excel 2002 and excel 2007

    earlier I installed windows xp excel 2002. recently I have also installed excel 2007. now if I open any excel file it opens in excel 2007 which is default excel format, even though the was originally creaed in excel 2002. I would like the files to open in excel 2002. When I use "open with"...
  7. T

    Import/Export in vb with excel 2002 with a listbox

    i have a listbox in my vb6 program with file paths of all employees i made all enployee files with my xl template that's why cell names are same like empname, ampdesg(employee designation), tcustomer, tvisit, and tarea etc. Then i make a master xl sheet in which i named some cells like emp1name...
  8. K

    Transferring Data from Excel into a Database

    I am trying to export data from Excel and import it into a database (resultsplus!). I don't have much experience with databases (or excel) and really need help. I feel like I have set everything up right but every time I try to import the info into the database, this message pops up: "An update...
  9. Roopher

    ws.Copy: VBA sub just exits there - Excel XP SP3 issue?

    Hello! Using Excel XP SP2, I wrote VBA that does a ws.Copy which works fine (copy a hidden template worksheet within a workbook). When I tried to run the VBA on three (professionally administrated) company Excel XP SP3 machines, the very ws.Copy line of the code caused the sub to bail out with...

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