excel 2003 vs 2007

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    roll back excel 2007 macro to work on excel 2003

    hi all I have made an excel gantt chart using macros based on conditional formatting, in excel 2007. what I would like to do is use it on excel 2003 however I am struggling to rewrite the macros to allow approximately 70 conditions per cell with various colours. this is a sample of what...
  2. A

    Method 'ChangeLink' of object '_Workbook' Failed

    Hello, I keep getting the above debug error that I unable to fix. I am using some code to Change Links in Excel 2007. However the link I am trying to change is to an excel 2003 workbook. Code is below I am sure there is a smarter way to paste code but I don't know it yet. ''Successful change...
  3. L

    Translation of SUMIFS Excel 2007 Formula to an Excel 2003 compatible formula

    I am trying to translate the following formula into an array that will have the same function, but will be cross compatible with all versions of Excel. From what I have read online, you need to create an array in order to accomplish this. Does anybody know how to translate the formula below? I...
  4. D

    Macros in SharePoint

    Hi All, I have an excel 2003 document containing several macros on a SharePoint site. However, a user who recently switched over to excel 2007 reported that these Macros no longer work. This user doesn't get any error message and the VBA code for the Macros are still in the worksheet. Also, he...
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    Bob Phillips' CFMet VB/formula) returning #value error in 2007 that it didn't in 2003

    Hello everyone, Long time listener first time caller. My office has just changed to office 2007 from 2003 and it has caused one of my spreadsheets to stop working. It is a large spreadsheet filled with conditional formatting (of all kinds e.g. values and types of formulae). The conditional...

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