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    Excel 2007 Identify bad meter readings

    I have a series of meter readings sent in by field techs that tend to have finger checks & provide absolutely bizarre readings. Do you have any idea how I can identify the "Bad" meter readings using excel? .... Thanks! <tbody> <colgroup><col width="71"></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col...
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    Extract words from a cell and copy to a new cell....

    example: HINGE SBR.60X40MM (LEFT) BRASS (column G3) all I need: HINGE 60x40mm brass (column c3) I have been using a formula that has worked for most of my work but I think this one has more characters in the first word. Can someone please help?????
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    Totalling Data Based on Criteria

    I trying to find away to do the following with my data (sample below): 1. In the Team Name(column D) I want to find a total from Workouts(column E) where Column D has the same team name. So, for example Team Name (4Fun) has a total of 18 workouts. I can do a =sum(E2:E5); however, I have 300...
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    Converting weekly payroll to semi-monthly cash flow in a dynamic environment.

    I am building a cash-flow spreadsheet covering a 104-week period and I'm having trouble with the payroll portion. Assumption: the first week will start on the first day of a month but the starting month is unknown. Assumption: payroll needs to be the 15th and the last day of each month...
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    Excel Allocaton problem

    Hi I am trying to solve a allocation problem and need help understanding how to proceed. Problem Definition: I have a fund of USD 1000 (this fund will change as needed and will be a user input) I also have 4 categories for stocks in my portfolio (a,b,c,d) where a>b>c>d respectively. I will be...

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