excel 4.0

  1. P

    Migrate Excel 4 macro file to 2010

    Hi, In the process of this I had one problem... the Excel 4 sheet macros have commands that manipulate the menu system. Since 2010 uses ribbon these will obviously no longer work. So I removed those macro lines that touched the menu system. There is one macro which calls the File Open dialog...
  2. P

    Excel 4.0 macros - yikes!

    Hi, I need to convert an Excel 4.0 xlm macro file into Excel 2010. Currently, when I open the file in 2010 I get errors on some functions. One of these erroneous functions is: =ADD.MENU(B5,Main!File) The "File" name is defined as: File Return to Excel ReturnToExcel r...
  3. J

    Excel 4.0 Macro replacement OR hide warning

    Hello All, I have a workbook with several sheets that have a mixture of formulas (that pull information from another sheet) and manual overwrites. I want to differentiate the cells that have formulas in them and those that are overwritten or user entered values. Currently I am using...
  4. pbornemeier

    Macro Error Message with no Module attached

    I was getting this error message when I opened some Excel files I inherited: This workbook contains one or more Microsoft Excel 4.0 macros. These macros may contain viruses or other harmful code. Open this workbook only if you trust the source. Do you want to enable these macros? There were...

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