excel add-in

  1. PritishS

    Disable all Add ins at excel startup

    Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings!! I have been looking for the solutions for last 2 days and spent almost 36 hrs on my laptop..:stickouttounge:. But no luck. Requirements: 1. I have a file named PROJECT.xlsm 2. In my system I have few Add-ins (both COM Add in and Excel Add in) like RDB Merge, Nitro...
  2. A

    Excel Fuzzy Lookup Add-in - Exception out of memory

    I have been using Fuzzy Lookup for a while to match 2 lists with no problems. Just recently I have started to experience an error that return the following exception - Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. (mscorlib) I am not sure if it's caused bu the volume of the...
  3. P

    Excel always crashes on second running of add-in

    Hi, I have a weird issue with a vba macro I am running. the macro opens up another large workbook which performs calculations using an addin called proj_result. This is actually a Prophet add-in (if anyone on here uses Prophet this may be something you can solve). Basically the workbook...
  4. H

    Macro integration into add-ins

    Hi Team, I have one macro I want to integrate as add-in file because I can't use this code every time into master file because everyday I download file from my database and need to copy my code into that file and then need to run the macro. Please suggest me how can I make use my macro in...
  5. H

    Excel Add-In [Issues while designing]

    Hello everybody, I am facing the following issues while working with Excel ADD_INs 1) i have designed an automation which makes allows the user to access the full Macro through a Excel ADD_IN 2) i have used a couple of forms in the the ADD_IN, which are saved in the ADD_IN file 3) The...
  6. M

    Macro to save a workbook as an add in

    Hello, Experts! I'm trying to write a macro to save my workbook as an .xla Add In. I can do it manually and I have recorded the macro so I can see what the code should be but I just can't get it work. I'm using Excel 2003 on XP and here's my code so far: Dim WBName As String Dim AI as...
  7. W

    where to get information about excel add-in

    Hi all, when i read excel-vba teach books, sometimes they would instruct to add an add-in. Where can I access information as of which add-in contains which particular ddl that can perform what. thanks,;)

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