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    MS 2016 Excel Chart

    Hi, Looking for some help on excel chart without using VBA codes (if possible). Team :1 $0.27, Team :2 $0.90, Team :3 $4.63, Team :4 $5.32, Team :5 $0.77, Total $11.88, Above table provide total expenditure forecast for each teams for a future event. The data which will update on daily basis. I...
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    Excel Scatter Chart - X Axis Tick Marker Values

    Dear Excel gurus, I really need some help with Excel xy scatter charts. I need to edit the X Axis values/scale to reflect ONLY values that are charted, instead of a generic range. For example... I have a scatter chart tied to an Excel worksheet, with a data source that contains 4 Series. The...
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    Complex Charting in MS Excel

    Hi, This is first time that I am posting to any blog/forum ever, I just wanna discuss if it is possible to make a chart in excel in such a way that every category has 3 comparative series (a simple column chart) but the third series should be as stack series for example. I made a chart compare...
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    How2 Draw chart in Excel 2007

    Dear Mr. Excel Members, I am trying to create a graph where I show how a websites traffic patterns have changed over 4 months, but I cannot create a chart/graph which will show the change in traffic sources (example, SEM). Thank you Here is the table: <table border="0" cellpadding="0"...
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    To use Candle Volume Chart

    Dear all, I am working on how to display candle volume chart. I want to display the candle with body according to its volume. example. date open high low close volume 15-jan 1200 1250 1212 1240 1255500 16-jan 1240 1280 1232 1265 2455500 17-jan 1255 1270 1222 1265 2466500 18-jan 1265...
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    Excel 2007 Chart Pasting Issue

    I have created a standard column chart in excel and customized the legend (by deleting a series label) and pasting over this chart into Powerpoint (Paste Special). Unfortunately the changes made to the legend in excel are not maintained in Powerpoint. Can you please help? Is this a bug...

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