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    VBA Insert row causes Excel to crash

    Excel crashes when inserting (and occasionally when deleting) rows in VBA. I have tried the following fixes, but none helped: Ran the Microsoft Office Repair program for Office 2010 Deactivated all ADD-IN modules Tried: Application.EnableEvents = False I've used various methods to insert...
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    Excel 2010 crashing predictably -- HELP!!

    I’m writing about a subject I’m sure you’ve dealt with hundreds more times than I have: Excel crashing. What’s going on is that during certain operations as it runs, Excel crashes with the restart/debug dialog box. Here’s the thing: it happens predictably in two different places – two specific...
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    HELP! Excel freezes everytime it saves and my document gets deleted!!

    I was working on my Excel 2013 workbook and when I clicked on "Save", Excel froze up and I had to eventually CTRL+ALT+DELETE it. Then when I reopened Excel 2013, I went to my recent workbooks and clicked on the one I was working on and it told me that the file may have been moved or deleted. I...
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    User form crashes when show method is called

    I have a combo box on a user form, and trying to be clever I had it call another user form when a certain value is selected. But this makes Excel (2011 for Mac) crash when the show method is actually called. I can work around this quite easily by putting a command button on the main user form...
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    VBA Macro Breaks Excel 2003

    Hi All, First post so please be gentle :) I've written the following macro to insert a row, copy some cells from another sheet and then paste them into the new row. The problem occurs when I use this macro more than once it crashes Excel 2003 out! Any help greatly appreciated: ### Code...
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    Excel shutdown upon data entry

    Working with Excel when I received message it had experienced problem and would shut down. Opened file again with no problem. When I tried to enter data, program shut down again. Tried with various files with same result. Could enter data in a new file, but when I reopen it, it also shuts...

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