excel data retrieval

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    Retrieving various date formats

    I am trying to find dates & time within text in a cell & return to a separate cell. The issue I have is that the date format varies frequently. I also can't rely on searching for "Sent:" as this also varies frequently e.g. From: ######## Sent: 17 November 2011 11:57 I would like to return...
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    Data Cube Query

    Hello All, I have created a data cube which is created on batch every morning. Ideally this will need ot be a DB, but in the mean time I need to query this data set and drop it into a template of other reports. I have created a query in MS Query, which I reference in VBA to extract to a...
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    Retrieving data from one Excel sheet to another (More like amkig Access like queries in excel)

    Hi, I have a database of 338 members, all the information is entered in an excel sheet (named: Main) column wise, lets suppose the data for the first member is in the row 2 (first row is used for column headers) i.e.: A1 contains Serial (Here 1) B1 contains First Name (Here John) C1 contains...

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