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    Copy data from another excel file

    Hi I’m wanting to build a VBA for opening another excel file location (c:\excelfiles\timetable.xls) and then copying data C:H from “Sheet1” and paste in to the VBA excel file in sheet “DATA” Is this possible to get data from another file?
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    Given path folder names in to Excel Sheets

    Hi Team, Can any one provide me the macro code for the below requirement. I have number of folders where need to save huge number of files in it on everyday. I need a macro code/solution to extract the given path folder data in to excel sheet (only the file names in the list format). Manually...
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    Data import from excel file issue

    I hope you guys can help with my issue. I have a large excel file that I need to use for weekly data analysis. Every week, new data is added and the possibility for old data to change is present (columns stay constant though). I cannot connect directly to the database source as far as I know...
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    Problems saving file and retreiving file

    When I save an Excel file it often says that it cannot save and then renames the file and saves it under a new name with a strange icon that is white with three dots in it rather than the usual Excel icon. In addition when I open the file it frequently will not open properly only displaying...

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