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    VBA to filter on a single value in multiple columns and display only those rows

    Hi All, I have a spreadsheet with multiple columns, with Columns "F", "I" and "L" listing scheduled jobs (SJ) and Columns "G", "J" and "M" listing work sites (WS) for the SJ. So, Columns "F" and "G" will define a SJ and a WS and Col "I" and "J" the next SJ and WS etc. These 3 columns "G", "J"...
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    Problem on filter with merging cell

    Excel version: 2010 Currently having problem on showing all my data. The screenshot below shows my objective of filtering 'Completed'. However, there are action that are being cut and only shows the 1st row. My objective is to show all the data when being filter accordingly. 1: 2:
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    Sorting or Arranging Columns with incorrect Row data

    I am very new to Excel so please excuse the limited knowledge of asking this question within this community. In Excel spreadsheet I have Twenty plus Columns, each with Headers, Example, Name, Email, Category, Phone, Address. Within each row down the column includes the marker and following...
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    How to open excel file with choosing a filter on opening?

    I have an excel table with sales data for many presellers. I have to make and updating table for each of presellers. I want to make one file with data for all presellers and to create a shortcuts to preseller folders and when some preseller opens file from his location I want excel to aply...

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